Math Curriculum Writer

As a Math Curriculum Writer your responsibilities include working with the Director of Education, information technology experts, and other curriculum specialists to develop an academic plan that ensures the program is teaching students the required curriculum, in this case for grades 5th – 8th grade.

Math Curriculum Writers will coordinate instructional materials, supervise its implementation by teachers, and assess the curriculum’s overall effectiveness in training students. Math Curriculum Writers could be found observing teachers’ instruction, analyzing test data, assessing education standards, reviewing textbooks, recommending instructional techniques, arranging professional development workshops, developing assessments, and responding to teachers’ questions. 

The Math Curriculum Writer must have several qualifications

  • Expertise in mathematical content knowledge for grades 5-8 with a strong foundation in conceptual development
  • Craft lessons that follow established standards and norms (i.e., lesson template, and structure) and that are consistent and coherent with those being developed across the grade spans’
  • Apply constructive feedback
  • Collaborate effectively with the Director of Education on instructional design that aligns with the curricular vision
  • Effectively communicate with development team to focus effort and resources toward the achievement of expected results.
  • Support the Director of Education in executing the curricular vision in the development of Math Reactor in Grades 5-8
  •  Experience with writing and implementing engaging math lessons designed to spark curiosity and encourage discourse

The Math Curriculum Writer must have experience with learning technology, e-Learning, curriculum design, and instructional training. Strong leadership skills, technical competency, and written and verbal communication are essential.

Sorry! This job has expired.